The future is flexible

Work. It used to be about punching the clock, being in a certain place at a certain time – on someone else's schedule. But that was the past. And Juggle is the future – a future of freedom.

Our story

Romanie Thomas was a successful headhunter, placing executives in senior positions. But she realised the world of work was changing – and she wanted to be part of that change.

She saw exceptional women leaving their job to have a baby, but then looking for a way to return to work. They still wanted to hold the same high-powered positions – but they didn’t want to work every hour of the day. Or every day of the week. They didn’t want to choose between having a career and having a life.

It’s not just women. Many people still want to work full-time but do it on their terms, with control over their own schedule and life. They want to work half the day to see their families more – but sort through emails later in the evening. They want to work from home. Or a cafe. Or overseas. They want to work wherever they feel most inspired, and at their most creative.

Romanie saw the working world changing for businesses, too. A company might need an experienced Finance Director, but only for a day a week. And she saw the chance to connect both parties – professionals seeking flexible work, and businesses seeking flexible workers.

Since Juggle started in 2017, we’ve connected countless flexible professionals with progressive businesses – helping them pursue a new, adventurous way of working. We’ve seen the future – and the future is flexible.

Our values

Investing in people

In our business, people are everything. Which is why we’re passionate about believing and investing in them – so they can be their best.

Making a difference

Change doesn’t happen overnight. But we’re fearlessly committed to asking why – and making things better than when we started.