Gender Diversity In The Workplace

At Juggle we believe that empowering female leaders and achieving gender parity is a good idea. In fact we’ve based our whole company around it.

Celebrating Women in Work

At the current pace of growth, the World Economic Forum have estimated that we as a society will take 217 years to achieve economic and political gender parity. The yawning gap is an unfortunate consequence of history where men were orchestrators in the global economy and political climate, whilst women were not.

There is an increasing volume of research evidencing the benefits of diversity in the workplace. This data is telling us that gender equality, diversity and inclusion is great for financial performance, for productivity and for overall happiness.

Women continue to prove themselves as expert leaders in business, sport and politics, so doesn’t it make sense for them to really participate in decisions for our world?
Let’s sit up and close the gender gap!

The Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Public companies

Companies with a female CEO or chairperson of the board of directors delivered twice the return than the MSCI world index (25% vs 11%)

Nordea Bank - analysis of 11,000 global public companies over an 8 year period

Global economy

If every country could narrow its gender gap, the world could add $12 trillion to its annual gross domestic product by 2025 - 11% higher than it would on our current track

McKinsey - survey of 233 companies and 2,200 employees in 9 European countries

High value companies

Returns were 74% higher from companies with the highest percentage of women execs and board members.

University of California - analysis of California's top 400 companies with a stock market cap of $5 trillion

UN - productivity & happiness

Professionals working in gender-balanced groups scored highest in both job satisfaction and productivity, including less absenteeism and turnover.

United Nations - 59th commission on the status of women