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Historically, work-life balance was hard to achieve and required too much compromise. We use today’s technology to make it possible for professionals to have it all.

A new way of working

  • Find flexible roles aligned with your career
  • Regain control of your own schedule
  • Meet other professionals working flexibly

How we help

  • We negotiate flexible working terms
  • We manage your contract and paperwork
  • We help you track your time and get paid on time
  • We provide coaching and professional development


Historically, flexible working has meant part-time work. We define it in broader terms: having the freedom to set your own schedule.

We focus on three types of ‘flex’:

  1. Part-time: 2-4 days per week, usually incorporating working from home
  2. Full-time with flex hours: 5 days per week with flexibility to arrive or leave early or late
  3. Portfolio style: 1-4 days per month, usually on-site

We hire for mid-senior levels across:

  • Accountancy: Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director, Head of Finance, Financial Controller, Finance Manager, experienced Bookkeepers, etc.
  • Operations: Head of Operations, Operations Manager, etc.
  • Sales & Marketing: Business Development, Partnerships, Content, Brand & PR, etc.

An experienced talent specialist reviews each enquiry we receive. We accept roughly one in twelve Juggle applications.

  • Firstly, we make sure your experience falls in our area of focus.
  • We then look for professionals with:
    • A consistent track record of delivery behind them
    • Deep domain or functional experience, i.e. five years’ experience as a Head of Finance / Finance Director within a SME
    • A well-written C.V. / LinkedIn profile

We’re proud of our Juggle professionals and believe they deserve to be placed with forward-thinking businesses that are:

  • Committed to flexible working
  • Working towards gender equality in the workplace

We’ve already rejected a number of notable businesses from Juggle because they don’t fit these criteria.

  1. We’ll notify you of jobs we think are relevant via email and text.
  2. If you’re interested in the role, we take you through a screening process. This will be a video call for your first role, and a regular phone call for future roles.
  3. Next, we shortlist you for the role and guide you through the customer interview process.

On average, it takes 48 hours from being notified of a job to being shortlisted. From there, it can take a further two weeks to complete the interview process and receive a job offer.

Businesses pay a fixed fee:

  • £250 per month for professionals working 1-2 days per week (plus salary)
  • £400 per month for professionals working 3-5 days per week (plus salary)

Pricing is transparent and competitive, which ensures we’re focused on getting a great match for both parties.

No. Your activity on Juggle is completely private, and no one else (like a current employer) is able to see your profile.

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